Analysis of gut microbial regulation of host gene expression along the length of the gut and regulation of gut microbial ecology through MyD88

The Wallenberg Laboratory for Cardiovascular Research/Group Fredrik Bäckhed
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Duodenum, PGF vs CO
Duodenum, qGF vs CO
Duodenum, PMyd88 -/- vs WT
Duodenum, qMyd88 -/- vs WT
Duodenum, Pinteraction
Duodenum, qinteraction
Jejunum, PGF vs CO
Jejunum, qGF vs CO
Jejunum, PMyd88 -/- vs WT
Jejunum, qMyd88 -/- vs WT
Jejunum, Pinteraction
Jejunum, qinteraction
Ileum, PGF vs CO
Ileum, qGF vs CO
Ileum, PMyd88 -/- vs WT
Ileum, qMyd88 -/- vs WT
Ileum, Pinteraction
Ileum, qinteraction
Proximal colon, PGF vs CO
Proximal colon, qGF vs CO
Proximal colon, PMyd88 -/- vs WT
Proximal colon, qMyd88 -/- vs WT
Proximal colon, Pinteraction
Proximal colon, qinteraction
Liver, PGF vs CO
Liver, qGF vs CO
Liver, PMyd88 -/- vs WT
Liver, qMyd88 -/- vs WT
Liver, Pinteraction
Liver, qinteraction
Epididymal fat, PGF vs CO
Epididymal fat, qGF vs CO
Epididymal fat, PMyd88 -/- vs WT
Epididymal fat, qMyd88 -/- vs WT
Epididymal fat, Pinteraction
Epididymal fat, qinteraction
Subcutaneous fat, PGF vs CO
Subcutaneous fat, qGF vs CO
Subcutaneous fat, PMyd88 -/- vs WT
Subcutaneous fat, qMyd88 -/- vs WT
Subcutaneous fat, Pinteraction
Subcutaneous fat, qinteraction

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